Can You Bring Visual FoxPro to the Web?

Building a Web App with DBF Data

As a FoxPro developer, you build applications that businesses depend on. These mission-critical applications come with a lot of forms, scripts and reports. Modernizing FoxPro applications, can be difficult, but not impossible

In this tutorial we will teach you how to build a web application using pre-existing data from multiple FoxPro DBF files.


About Visual FoxPro

With the discontinuation of FoxPro in 2015, organizations were faced with the task of finding a replacement. It needed to come with the same productivity, but with powerful tools for the browser and Cloud. Your business application is complex and migrating it to a new environment is not easy.

Building browser and Cloud applications is usually a throwback to the 3GL era. That’s why we started Servoy, a productive environment much like Visual FoxPro but made for the Cloud. Developers will feel at home because existing FoxPro skills will transfer directly to the Servoy platform.

Servoy makes your team far more productive, so you can do more with the same number of developers. Plus, Servoy is based entirely on industry standards and is open source. There are no proprietary languages or protocols making the learning curve nice and short.



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