Tech Webinar Today! 2019.09 Launch Part 1

The latest version of Servoy (2019.09RC) has dropped. 3-part webinar launch series begins today with a general update. 

Details below…Register now!


Part 1 

What’s new in 2019.09

To kick things off, we’ll take a look at what is new in the latest Servoy release, zoom in on a few features and fixes and talk about what’s coming next. It’s the 1st in our 3-part series so don’t miss it!

Monday September 16 11am EST | Register


Part 2 

Building hybrid desktop-integrated applications 

In this webinar, we’ll dive into Servoy’s NG-Dekstop project. This technology allows web applications to deploy as native desktop executables, providing tighter integration with your user’s working environment. The last release of Servoy brought the first version of hybrid desktop apps. Find out what’s new in the latest iteration!

Monday September 18 11am EST | Register


Part 3

Publishing Web Services made even easier

Turning your business logic into web services is pretty easy in Servoy. Our latest release takes it a step further, allowing more semantic endpoints, api versions, and even auto-generation of your API docs! Come check it out!

Monday September 20 11am EST | Register