Servoy 4.1 Now Available!

Well, we’ve been a little busy here at Servoy! The “radio silence” on this blog is due to the fact it has been an “all hands on deck” effort to get the latest Servoy release out the door… well – we did it. We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 4.1.

So, what’s the big deal – you’re asking? In a word: plenty! Here’s a quick overview:

  • SolutionModel – Create objects on-the-fly
  • Virtual Data For Forms – You can now create a new dataSource from any data and bind it to a new form
  • Up to 50% faster solution loading
  • Ability to do a “clean” import from the Server Admin page
  • “Create Log Server” option when setting up auto-tracking
  • New arguments for logging a user out that includes the ability to open a new solution
  • Outline view for forms- shows all the objects (named and un-named)
  • Option in Developer that allows you to see all of the objects from modules in context
  • Single record saves
  • Removing and getting a list of applied table filters
  • Adding i18n keys dynamically at runtime
  • Getting the SQL statement that generated an error
  • DBTreeView bean – allows checkboxes to be non-editable
  • Many code-completion enhancements – it will now work for objects referenced by variables
  • Control+L works both ways: to show a form in client as well as other way around
  • Ability to synchronize a single form – rather than an entire solution
  • Added a context menu to show the form you’re editing the script on in the Form Designer
  • Font and color choosers now available on the stylesheet editor
  • Option to specify the number of rows of sample data to export – rather than max of 10,000
  • …. and about 350 other minor enhancements and fixes!

You can get the full listing of all the betas and release candidates on our free, online web forum. In addition, I’ll be hosting a “What’s New in Servoy 4.1” hour-long webinar TOMORROW – December 3rd at 10:00am PST (1:00pm EST). To register for the webinar CLICK HERE.

In addition to all the great new features in Servoy 4.1 – we’ve also changed our tagline and updated our web site. When you go to the new site – you’ll notice our “Fast. Flexible. Sexy. SaaS.” messaging right away. The old tagline “Smart Technology for Smart Clients” was a little too ambiguious – and we got some great feedback from analysts and press that we needed to be more focused on “what we do.” I think our new tagline sums it all up very nicely.

I also wanted to extend a huge THANKS to all the analysts and press folks that have given us such great feedback and support: Frank Ohlhorst, Amy Wohl, Joel Dreyfuss, Dan Tynan, David Strom, Ray Valdes, Stephen Hendrick, Al Hilwa, Robert Mahowald, Michael Dortch, Mark Driver, Carl Howe, Robert X. Cringely, Vishy Venugopalan, Jodi Mardesich, Jeff Kaplan, Ian Finley, Lana Gates, Tom Murphy, Jim Duggan, Diego Lo Giudice. If I forgot your name – I’m sorry! There have been so many people that have contributed to our success – please email me and I’ll make the correction.

I sincerely hope that Servoy 4.1 stimulates your imagination into creating a kick-ass SaaS or on-premises (or both!) application that will improve the lives of your customers and your own bottom line in 2009 and beyond.

Bob Cusick, President, Servoy USA

IDC Event – San Francisco

I just got back from a quick trip to San Francisco for an IDC analyst event. It just so happened that Oracle’s OpenWorld conference was taking place at the same time over at Moscone Center – which explains why I had such a difficult time getting a hotel reservation!

Anyway, Servoy’s PR expert Brenda Christensen managed to work with Emilie Ingram from IDC to set up a separate meeting at the Royal Hotel (where the IDC event was taking place) with noted analyst Al Hilwa. This is really a hard thing to do – but Mr. Hilwa was in town for the Oracle event and there was a “hole” in his schedule (I think it was for dinner – SORRY, Al!).

It’s the first time I’ve met Mr. Hilwa in person. We’ve talked on the phone twice when we were briefing him on Servoy 4.0 and more recently on the upcoming Servoy 4.1, and in those conversations things just really “clicked.”

He’s one of those guys that is just crazy smart. He was an analyst at Gardner in the late 90’s and then moved to Senior Product Manager on the SQL Server database team at Microsoft. He has a ton of real world expertise in enterprise computing and the whole application development and product lifecycle management “thing.”

He had some really interesting observations, insights and advice for where he sees Servoy in the marketplace and in particular how our go to market strategy was particularly interesting. Well, needless to say, that hour absolutely FLEW by! Seriously, it seemed like we had just sat down and it was time for him to bolt off to the next customer meeting (Oracle).

Next, it was off to the IDC event where there were 9 more analysts who specialized in all sorts of industries and market segments. There were also about 90 other people from companies of all sizes who were invited to come and get acquainted with the IDC folks.

What a cool event! It was really cool to talk to some of the other business folks there and understand what business they were in, and talk to (and listen to!) all the other analysts. Talk about a great education… so thanks to Mr. Hilwa, Ms. Ingram and the IDC folks for a great evening.