Servoy Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud brings many benefits, but also requires different jobs and responsibilities, which can distract your team from their true purpose. We developed ServoyPipeline and ServoyCloud so you can focus on your business.

Servoy Pipeline.

Creating a lean, agile, and often distributed DevOps team that can handle all your product release efficiently can be quite a challenge. And for many ISVs, it’s close to impossible. The ServoyPipeline is a robust, continuous delivery platform that is designed to take all these challenges away from you and coordinate all your roll-outs efficiently. We ensure high availability and smooth product releases. From small fixes to your next big upgrade.

Cloud-based production

The measure of an ISV’s success is in their ability to deliver solutions for their clients’ business challenges. While technology enables innovation, it may also encumber a team’s ability to remain focused on value. Attention to features and functionality often give way to IT concerns: infrastructure, security, scalability, up-time, upgrades, patching, monitoring, etc.

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RAD Platform & Appsurance

The Servoy platform is used a lot by customers for their existing legacy enterprise business systems that are still in use today, but limited in their ability to provide browser-based and mobile options. This includes systems running in FoxPro, Delphi, Progress OpenEdge and other environments.