Servoy 8.1 – More powerful than ever – Webinar Series

Servoy 8.1 – More Powerful than ever

Finely tuned performance & Unrivaled productivity

With Servoy 8.1, your development environment will feel faster, more responsive and more reliable than ever before. As always, Servoy is backed up by the Appsurance program so that developers can get help whenever they need it.

Part 1 – CSS coding, accelerated – Boost your web application’s appeal.

Part 2 – Better form design – Design new forms quickly. See how the new form designer allows you to build responsive forms from scratch in record time.

Part 3 – Working with REST Services – How to define the data structure of a REST web service, use the data to build your UI.

Part 4 – Validate as you go – Validate data in line. Use form inheritance to extend to other use cases.

Part 5 – Use and reuse UI components and grids – Create UI snippets and reuse them as many times as you need, without slowing down your application.

Servoy Announces Productivity Enhancements to its Platform

In August, we met some of the most committed ISVs in the world during Servoy’s first Customer Advisory Board meeting. Servoy’s inspiration for our platform has always come from you, our customers. We get blown away the awesome business applications you create with our software. So when you asked for a new, user-friendly form designer, we listened. When you needed a better way to create and reuse UI components, we built one. We think you’ll be impressed with the improved NG client and all the productivity and performance enhancements we included in Servoy’s new release.
See all the new feautes and how to use them fast in Servoy 8.1 with our five 30-minute webinars from Sept. 12 to Sept. 16.

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