Progress and Servoy Announce Partnership to Ease Complexity of Modernizing Mission-critical Business Applications

At ProgressNext 2018, Progress and Servoy are proud to announce a new partnership designed to ease the complexity of modernizing business applications for enterprise organizations and ISVs. Progress has been delivering the leading platform for developing and deploying strategic business applications for more than 30 years. Servoy offers a platform that significantly increases developer productivity and decreases time to market for competitive applications that address today’s business demands. 

Today’s announcement highlights Servoy’s entrance into the Progress Partner+ Program. As a Progress partner, Servoy joins a community that bolsters the impact of the Progress application development technology portfolio. Servoy will offer its world-class productivity tool to Progress OpenEdge customers and partners looking to streamline their modernization efforts, and in turn, Progress Professional Services will provide the in-house knowledge necessary to leverage the platform effectively.

Successes already stemming from the collaborative effort include:

Rob Courteaux CEO of Progressive Software: “We have been using Progress OpenEdge for 20 years and have been successfully modernizing with the Servoy platform over the past year. It has enabled us to take our Windows-based application to the cloud in a controlled fashion. This partnership is very important for us to ensure that current and future releases of the technology are aligned and knowledge is shared between the two organizations.” John Stallmer CEO of Picas: “We tried to modernize for years with .Net and were not successful. With Servoy we are able to reuse large parts of our Progress OpenEdge application without having to rewrite the backend code. Moving our Progress OpenEdge application to the cloud is critical to our business, and Servoy enabled us to do so quickly and seamlessly.”  Gary McMullen CEO of Cardwatch: “Using a ‘do it yourself’ approach is very risky and cumbersome; with Servoy you don’t have to build from scratch and that enabled us to very rapidly develop a mobile point of sales system on top of our Progress OpenEdge application”.

Progress OpenEdge has long been a mainstay in the application development space, valued by customers for its stability, security, broad connectivity, multiple deployment options and low total cost of ownership. It is the most reliable and affordable application development platform in the industry that continues to deliver innovative application technology ranging from UI and developer tools to data connectivity and predictive analytics.

“We are committed to the success of our 55,000+ customers and 1700+ partners and strive to offer a variety of technology solutions that address their unique business challenges,” said John Ainsworth, Senior Vice President, Core Products, Progress. “For those that are delivering sophisticated business applications, Servoy offers a technology solution that can help modernize those applications with minimal risk and with faster time to market. We’re thrilled to have them as the newest member of our vast partner community.”

“This partnership will help us better serve the Progress ecosystem of customers, application partners and end users” stated Ron van der Burg CEO of Servoy. “Because Progress has much more knowledge about the OpenEdge platform than we have, together we can further empower the rapid move to cloud based solutions without having to do a major rewrite of hundreds, maybe thousands, of lines of code.”

Sean Devlin, Senior Director of Servoy Services, added, “We really look forward to partnering with Progress. With so many joint customers, we will be able to help them to efficiently reduce the risks involved in modernizing complex business applications.”

About Progress

Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) offers the leading platform for developing and deploying strategic business applications. We enable customers and partners to deliver modern, high-impact digital experiences with a fraction of the effort, time and cost.  Progress offers powerful tools for easily building adaptive user experiences across any type of device or touchpoint, award-winning machine learning that enables cognitive capabilities to be a part of any application, the flexibility of a serverless cloud to deploy modern apps, business rules, web content management, plus leading data connectivity technology. Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000 enterprise customers, and two million developers rely on Progress to power their applications. Learn about Progress at or +1-800-477-6473.

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About Servoy

Born from RAD and 4GL

Servoy was founded because developing great business applications is too hard, too time consuming, too frustrating and too expensive. Our founders had extensive experience in developing complex business applications such as ERPs in the era before the Internet, using the RAD and 4GL platforms popular at the time. As the Internet came along and our customers started asking for their apps to run on the web, we turned to Java and .Net. 

That was a very frustrating experience after coming from RAD and 4GL tools. Instead of being productive instantly, the entire stack (all the non-functionals) had to be built from scratch. And thus the idea for Servoy was born.

Reusable Code for Faster Development

After several years, common requirements amongst complex software applications emerged and we started creating and providing those pieces out of the box to our customers in the form of components, frameworks, pre-built functionality and templates. This innovative approach delivers a rapid development experience to our customers and saves them the time of building their own stack from the ground up.