UX first, we've got your stack

UX and Your Stack

Servoy’s platform is implemented with a UX-first approach. While .Net and Java promote their UX capabilities, those technologies still require building the stack first. The result is a bottom-up approach rather than a focus on the UX.  As developers, we understand that building the stack is a challenging, fun, yet time-consuming, venture. That’s why we’ve built our business on delivering complete, reusable, modularized stack implementations- so you don’t have to.



In our experience working with ISVs, a top-down approach (or UX-first) leads to a laser focus on the ultimate end user of the product. This focus results in a superior product with greater user adoption and increased sales. Leading with the UX eliminates working on frameworks and app servers in the dark for months or years with no light at the end of the tunnel.



We are strong proponents of an Agile approach to complex modernizations. The goal is to produce a “mini” application after each sprint, which can be exposed to end-users to solicit input. This strategy mitigates project risk while ensuring a superior product.


Minimum Viable Product

Many ISVs begin their product launch with an MVP. As a scaled-down version of their current product, an MVP may not be right for existing customers but may work well in new markets. An MVP is the perfect way to test and improve the product, while slowly adding functionality to reach the complete application on your roadmap. Servoy’s modular code dramatically decreases the time-to-market for your MVP.


Does the Servoy Stack Stack-Up?

The Servoy stack comes with out-of-the-box capabilities that took over 200 man-years to build. You’ll gain Omni Channel Delivery (support for all browsers, all mobile devices and operating systems), Multi Tenancy support, I18N (Internationalization), a best-in-class HTML5 User Interface, web-components, and many other enterprise-class features. {Contact us today for a free demonstration of our capabilities???}


The Servoy Way

Our approach consists of 3 pillars:

✔ A Rapid Application Development Platform to modernize or build your applications in record time; 

✔ A standard deployment stack and pre-built components to get you started quickly; 

✔ The Appsurance program to help your team mitigate any risk for this complex project. 


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