Servoy Jobs

Frontend Developer

Servoy Amsterdam is looking for a front-end developer.

Who you are

You are a driven IT specialist with excellent analytical skills who will bring positive energy to the Servoy team. You feel personally responsible for the quality of your application (features) and its reliability. You are creative, have great communication skills, and will work well with colleagues across your domain to continuously improve how you work, the software you build, and Servoy’s business agility. You identify problems when they occur and work to resolve them by yourself when appropriate or in conjunction with your colleagues. You have a 24/7 mind-set and are willing to do shift work to meet Servoy’s customer needs for 24/7 business operations.

Experience in a similar role is a prerequisite.

Who we are

Servoy BV is an international software vendor that has created an award-winning and powerful hybrid development and deployment platform. Servoy is used by independent software vendors, organizations, and consultants in over 50 countries.

Servoy was born out of frustration with Java and .Net — their complexity, poor time to market, and lack of productivity. The Servoy founders wanted an environment that provides

  • SaaS and on-premises (hybrid) from a single code base
  • Smart (native) and browser clients from the same single code base
  • Out-of-the-box support for all platforms, all browsers, and all SQL databases
  • Secure and scalable deployment

Servoy offers you superb growth, training and learning opportunities, the chance to join a team of experts, a first-class office, and the rewarding experience of helping to produce first-rate apps with major impact.

Front-end Developer Role

The front-end developer must have an eye for detail, a pragmatic approach, and a commitment to making sure features are well implemented and bug free. You must be someone who strives to deliver a high-end user experience and is passionate about high usability. You enjoy working in a collaborative environment. You should be candid, disciplined, and results oriented.

Servoy delivers features that power the next generation of (web) apps. You will be translating requirements and mock-ups into fully functioning features using JavaScript and HTML/CSS. You will continuously look for ways to improve Servoy-built applications.

Desired skills & experience

Technical bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT

Proven track record as a front-end developer, preferably in an international environment

Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and AngularJS

Awareness of the latest design trends

Experience designing and building user-friendly applications and features


  • Highly competitive salary package
  • Pension plan
  • Contributions to healthcare

Would you like to know more or apply?

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Apply now to join the Servoy team or request more information by contacting CEO Ron van der Burg at 020 2291150 or by email at [email protected], or recruiter Marcel van Rijn at 06-47103115 or [email protected]