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In the 1990s, Karel Van den Berghe, who is now owner and CEO of Globis NV, worked for a Belgian family-owned company that specialized in the processing of plastics and the production of printed packaging. For internal use, he developed an ERP system which allowed the company to easily manage orders, stocks and production. This system was based on FileMaker Pro.


After the first few ‘external’ implementations of the original ERP, called ‘SoftPack’, it became clear that the software suit had structural shortcomings in technical areas, like user management and security, upgrade ability and version control. For this reason, Globis decided to rewrite its software on the basis of FileMaker 7, a much improved version of FileMaker Pro. Based on this rewrite, and also aiming for manufacturing and distribution companies outside the packaging industry, the company renamed its software into ‘Globis’. The new ERP suite proved stable, feature rich and easily deployable, but -as customers grew bigger and got more demanding- the FileMaker platform reached the limits of its technical development potential. Especially with regard to the per- formance required in more and more internationalized environments, Filemaker -as the underlying technology- was a dealbreaker.


At some point, Globis downloaded the Servoy software, and an employee started to familiarize himself with this development platform. After a small initial project (a B2B Web shop developed for a customer) had been successfully implemented, Karel Van den Berghe decided to use the Servoy platform as the company’s new development environment. Only after having a complete, reliable and performing ERP system based on Servoy. Globis was able to sell to large international Enterpises. A great example where Globis is implementing their ERP suite is Turtle Wax.