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Focus Feedback’s mission is to help customer-focused organizations enjoy a clear competitive advantage. Its customers look for solutions that help them increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. They understand that occasional complaints are inevitable and that they can provide great value for companies that transform complaints into customer knowledge.


Focus Feedback had originally developed its solutions with Delphi as generic Windows applications. The company wanted a modern outlook for its Focus Bricks Solutions product line. Web technologies, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model, database independence and multi-device support were deemed as major parameters of “future proof” software applications.


The Focus Feedback development team had started training on Microsoft .NET. Focus decided to examine Servoy as a possible alternative. The team quickly realized that the Servoy platform met all its requirements while allowing its members to develop new products faster and more efficiently. In turn, this would reduce the development effort and shorten the time to market.