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Distri Data has provided complete wholesale automation solutions for some 25 years now. The Distri Data team are industry insiders with long-term wholesale expertise. They develop, sell, implement and maintain software solutions that are specifically designed to meet typical wholesale requirements. Distri Data’s software package ZEGRIS supports all the wholesale processes – from order to receipt. The system has been very popular with wholesale customers and branch networks with 50 to 500 users. Several hundred wholesalers in the hotel and restaurant industry are also using the Distri Data software.


In 2010, decision was made to completely re-develop Distri Data’s successful wholesale application on the basis of a new software development platform that should be state of the art and future-proof. The old system had been written in Cobol, and when exis- ting customers needed individual optimizations of their software, these were charged by the hour. Which meant that an important share of the revenue was made with software adaptations developed by the Cobol experts. With the new system, Distri Data wanted to go back to their original business model: continuous revenue stream from licences (or subscription fees, respectively) rather than event-driven revenue from software developments charged on a time & material basis.


The first idea was to replace the Cobol code with Java scripts. But it became quickly clear that the associated risk was too high: „spaghetti code” could be generated, which would lead to high development and maintenance cost. Together with an investor, Distri Data started to look for a future-proof development platform that would support fast and agile software development. The investor knew two other companies who were successfully using Servoy, and their lawyer also recommended the Servoy platform. “They were all convinced that Servoy would enable us to develop a good product”, says Jeroen van Es, Commercial Director of Distri Data. “Therefore, we decided to implement the Servoy Business Application Platform as our new development environment.”