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DB Services is Deutsche Bahn’s real estate and traffic services provider. The service portfolio ranges from professional facility management and industrial services to the turnaround of vehicles. Qualified staff and state-of-the-art technology secure the business success of DB Services. Accordingly, the company has made a conscious decision in favour of intelligent IT use and highest service quality standards. An internal quality management system has been in use for more than twelve years now.


The QES client/server application was originally developed with FoxPro and Visual Studio. Its mobile functionality could be used on Windows Mobile only, and updates had to be installed manually. When DB Services decided to use Android-based devices, a re-programming became inevitable. In the meantime, Microsoft had discontinued the development of FoxPro and Windows Mobile, so the QES architecture had to be redesigned. The company started to look for a modern development platform that was more flexible than the previously used tools. The new environ- meant was to allow the development of mobile clients, independently of their operating systems.


With the introduction of Servoy Mobile, the developers got a completely new environment: While the old system had been distributed over several group servers, which required regular synchronizations of the databases, the entire application now sits on one single server. In the beginning, this required rethinking, but the advantages are obvious. Development is simplified and accelerated. New applications are developed with less effort. Once developed, the code runs on all current mobile devices; time-consuming adaptations to different devices are no longer necessary. Servoy Mobile thus supports a massive productivity increase in the development of new applications.”


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