Servoy client types

Servoy offers you a choice of clients based on your needs, all from a single code base

Using Smart Technology to Deploy Servoy’s Solutions

You can deploy your Servoy solution as an Angular NG client, mobile client, a headless client serving REST services, an Ajax HTML web client, all at the same time and from a single codebase.

Servoy NG Client

The NG client is Servoy’s Angular- and web-socket-based HTML5 client. The Servoy NG Client maintains a two-way “stateful” connection with the Servoy server, providing end users with an interactive client experience. The Servoy NG client gives developers complete freedom to build the UX of their choice or to use their own web components, layout engine and CSS. Servoy provides a wide range of web components, such as labels, fields, buttons or calendars.

The Servoy NG client can be used with the supplied form designer or your own form designer. The Servoy architecture provides a clean and maintainable API between the web components and the core engine.

Servoy provides an absolute layout engine for rapid form building as well as the Bootstrap 12-grid responsive engine. You can also use other layout mechanisms or build your own and still work with Servoy’s form designer. You can even mix responsive and absolute layouts to keep you productive at all times.

The Servoy Mobile Client

The Servoy NG client can run on a mobile phone as a native application, using a container. The Servoy Mobile client, however, can take the data and logic offline. Servoy uses Adobe Cordova to package the solution, although it can also be deployed outside app stores as a web application.

Servoy mobile provides a synchronization API for data, allowing it to be taken offline.

The Servoy Headless Client

With the Servoy Headless Client (SHC), you can easily create and deploy server-side logic, which you can expose as a REST service (or any other standard).The SHC allows you to execute your solution’s data and business logic (scripts) via its interface.

The Servoy Headless Client solution and Servoy Smart client can be used simultaneously on the same Servoy Server. A single concurrent user license is required for each concurrent session.

The Servoy Web Client

The Servoy Web Client is Servoy’s legacy Ajax client for browser-based applications. With its Web Client and patented WebDirect™ technology, Servoy brought true application interactivity to web browsers. This technology is superseded by the NG client, which is forward compatible.

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