Coding with ease

We took JavaScript and added features that make it even better.

Efficient Scripting

Servoy logic is created using JavaScript. With JavaScript you define business and navigation rules and connect to external applications. The Servoy scripting environment is enhanced with a Solution Object Model (SOM) to provide direct visual access to all the user interface and data objects. Because it automatically connects the correct code when developers double-click on an object, Servoy is easy to use – even by those with little experience in object-oriented scripting. The scripting API can create virtually any object at runtime, including the entire UI. We call this feature, which is essential for end-user customization, the “Solution Model.”

Because scripting can create errors at runtime, developers sometimes see scripting as a weak language. We solve this drawback by allowing developers to “strong type” variables and define their own functions in the API. Servoy generates error markers as you code to avoid runtime errors, there is no compilation step. This feature is essential when maintaining a large codebase or when working in teams.

The inline documentation included in the Servoy JavaScript interpreter helps developers write better and more maintainable code while staying productive.

Built-in Script Library

As a starting point, Servoy provides a built-in script library that visually displays all available objects, functions and properties. Developers can interact with these objects, functions and properties using point-and-click or use Servoy’s built-in code completion and code samples to increase productivity.

Easy Integration

Integrating with other services such as REST is easy in Servoy. Also exposing your data or logic, for example as a REST service, requires only a few of lines of code.

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