Automatic Data Binding

Automatic data binding lets you create forms faster — with fewer errors.

No SQL Code Required

Creating forms in Servoy does not require knowledge of SQL since data binding is handled by the IDE. Placing a set of columns from a table on a form displays them automatically. You can immediately start editing data, creating or deleting records, and more. No custom SQL statements are required for selecting, inserting, updating, deleting, aggregating and sorting. Servoy automatically generates all the SQL code for you.

Data Broadcasting

Servoy includes built-in data broadcasting to ensure everyone using the application always uses the same data. It allows all connected users to see the most recent version of the data with no screen refresh. The Servoy server keeps track of who is working on what data and automatically broadcasts changes if the data a user is viewing is modified. Data broadcasting allows Servoy to intelligently display changes with very little network overhead and with no impact on performance.

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