Installing Servoy on Linux in 10 seconds

Nov 2010

Developers don’t like to read docs, howto’s and manuals so in this new series I’ll give you some turbo howto’s on servoy topics. A popular one nowadays is running Servoy App Server on Linux. You can install that with one line:

java -jar servoy_installer.jar -console

Follow the instructions (it will prompt you for directory and to continue) and you are all set.

To start Servoy Server now cd into the application_server directory and type:

./ &

To fire up PostgreSQL as you start your application server edit the file and move this part to a newline:

postgres_db/bin/pg_ctl start -D database -l postgres_db/postgres_log.txt

If you don’t know how to edit command line try this:


now type: /: ENTER
type: a ENTER
type: ESC
type: :wq ENTER

that’s it.


– any recent linux
– don’t install as root! easiest is to create a servoy user, then install and run
– download servoy_install.jar from
– make sure to have a fairly recent Oracle/Sun Java on your linux

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