Webinar Wednesday: Connecting to non-relational sources, cloud services and APIs with CData!

Connect to Anything!

One way to measure the value of today’s business application is how well it plays in an eco-space of other technologies and data streams. Servoy’s platform has always allowed developers to connect their apps to any JDBC data source, providing built-in data binding, schema introspection and more. This works well for relational databases, but…what about non-relational sources, cloud services and APIs ? 


In this webinar, we are happy to announce the synergy between CData and Servoy. CData is a connectivity company who encourages developers to see the world as a database. Therefore, it’s a natural fit that Servoy and CData can together show a better way to handle connectivity in Biz Apps. We are excited to be joined by a guest co-host, Jerod Johnson, connectivity guru and tech evangelist for CData to help show the power.

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Wednesday February 26

8am Los Angeles
11am New York
17h Amsterdam