Clear pricing for a cloud future – AUG 2, 2012

Applications that run in the cloud often miss the mark when it comes to pricing. Decisions about pricing are hard enough and the Cloud often makes them even more difficult. What is involved in pricing? How can you avoid common errors? What actions should you be taking to get paid fairly for the value you deliver? This webinar will help you more clearly see what you need to do with your pricing so you have a better chance of commercial success.

The webinar will be presented by Jim Geisman an acknowledged expert in B2B software pricing. Jim is the Founder and a Principal at Software Pricing Partners and has been helping software companies deal with their pricing challenges for more than 20 years. Register now

Detoxify your application and amplify the perception and experience

ISVs: A roadmap on how to de-toxify your application and amplify the perception and experience – by Herber de Ruijter, Backbase
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Herber de Ruijter, VP of Products at Backbase, has successfully turned around several ISV’s in the last 8 years. He has a refreshing and counter-intuitive perspective on how to turn commoditized applications into category killers . He will explain in this webinar what he means with “de-toxifying” your application by doing less and how to deal with “feature-creap”.  He will also show you how to streamline and “botox-ify” your application so that you can win in the cloud wave.

His talk at Cloud University last month was an eye-opener to many of the attendees. Sign-up now for this exciting webinar.

Title: ISVs: A roadmap on how to de-toxify your application and amplify the perception and experience – by Herber de Ruijter, Backbase
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT
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System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

FoxPro to Servoy Success Story: Webinar with Jeroen de Vries, CEO of Softwear – April 21

Join this interactive discussion and find out why Softwear, along with many other former Visual FoxPro ISVs and software companies, decided to migrate to Servoy.

Softwear is a Dutch ISV in the fashion retail and wholesale automation industry. They had a scalability problem with their previous SaaS solution, so they replaced their traditional terminal server technology with Servoy web and smart-client technology. By re-designing their applications, they reduced their total carbon footprint by 90%. Servoy has enabled them to redesign their software and development platform to minimize power consumption both from an economic, as well as an environmental point of view.
Jeroen de Vries, Softwear CEO, and Servoy, will answer all your questions.

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Read Softwear’s success story and listen to the Servoy cast of Softwear’s recorded interview by Ken Levy.

Servoy Webinar: The Fastest Way to Get Applications in the Cloud – Dec. 14

Your competitors and customers are going into the Cloud — are you? Don’t be left behind. A new report says nearly three quarters of your customers plan on being in the Cloud this year to deliver cost savings and scale infrastructure. This informative and hands-on webinar, hosted by Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, and Sean Devlin, Servoy Sales Tech Engineer, gives you an overview of what the Cloud is and isn’t; as well as Servoy’s role in Cloud computing.

This webinar will also include a demonstration of the world’s most advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) platform operating “in the Cloud”, and presents answers to questions like: Have you ever considered deploying your application in the Cloud?; What is Cloud computing all about?; Is Cloud computing right for your organization? What are the advantages of Cloud computing?; and How difficult is Cloud computing to deploy and maintain?

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Ken Levy: Developing with Servoy for VFP Developers (Post SwFox) Webinar – Oct. 27

Ken Levy, former Visual FoxPro Product Manager, and Sean Devlin, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, host this comprehensive one-hour webinar including a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications and Servoy for FoxPro developers — focusing on how features common to Visual FoxPro applications are developed in Servoy; cool Servoy features not supported in Visual FoxPro; how Servoy works with DBF tables in existing FoxPro applications; and the benefits to FoxPro developers in adding Servoy expertise to their toolkit. An interactive Q&A session immediately follows the presentation.

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Webinar with Ken Levy: Developing with Servoy for VFP Developers – Sep 28

Many Visual FoxPro developers who have learned to develop with Servoy, have found Servoy’s development platform easy, powerful, and beneficial; as well as appreciate Servoy’s dynamic programming features and rich data model functionality.

This demo-centric one hour session includes a wide variety of technical areas of Servoy — from data-centric development to using VFP COM based DLLs within Servoy. In the webinar, Ken will also discuss ideas, answer questions, and share knowledge on both technical and business scenarios offered to VFP developers evaluating Servoy.

This comprehensive one-hour webinar will include a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications; and Servoy for FoxPro developers. A live interactive Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation.

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Building Sexy User Interfaces in Servoy – April 29

For this webinar, Servoy has invited Centigrade to present on the topic of user interface architectures. Centigrade specializes in conceptualizing, designing and developing user interfaces for an optimal user experience. In this webinar, the following items will be covered:

– The impact of a well-designed user interface
– Intuitive, sexy and clean: attributes that make up a great UI
– Good and bad practice regarding screen design and icon design
– Revamping the Look and Feel: a practical approach

Centigrade supports customers with designing user interfaces for several different platforms including Servoy Smart Client and Servoy Web Client.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Join us in this informative webinar moderated by Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO.

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Java or .Net: Got the Speed to Compete? (Part I)

Java or .Net? And which one is the most productive choice? The million dollar question …

In this webinar for software vendors we will compare and contrast both options with Servoy, with main focus on .Net. These are some of the questions we will focus on:

  • Do you need two code-bases for SaaS and On-Premises?
  • Do you need multiple code-bases for Windows/Mac/Linux deployment?
  • Are you doing code tweaks for cross-browser deployment?
  • Do you have to rewrite for different SQL databases?
  • Do your competitors have Sexier GUI’s?
  • Is productivity keeping you awake at night?

Join our free webinar to see for yourself that with Servoy your productivity will triple and so will your competitive advantage. Join us for this Special Webinar on Thursday, September 24 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Sign up here: ISV WEBINAR

Also, check out our .Net landing page with more info on why .NET Developers like Servoy.

Servoy Special Webinar: SaaS & Multi-Tenancy – Sept. 17

In the “SaaS & Multi-Tenancy” Special Webinar, Sean Devlin, Servoy USA Senior Software Engineer, will discuss how to implement multi-tenancy with Servoy. Multi-tenancy is the most advanced form of deploying an application in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to customers. With a multi-tenancy model, you can store the data for multiple customers in a single database — and Servoy can ensure that each customer sees only their data. Attend this FREE Servoy Special Webinar to learn how to implement multi-tenancy in your Servoy applications.

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5 reaons not to move to SaaS only

Why would you move to SaaS-based only? Why not a hybrid model?

Hybrid software development platforms combine the best of two approaches – on-premises and in the cloud – to meet a wide range of customer needs. Combined with mobile enterprise deployment, ISVs can use a hybrid approach to offer customers choices that meet their budgeting, resource, and timing needs and maximize revenue.

Join me for an active discussion on how to grow your profits and subscription, and the key characteristics that your customers are looking for.

Date: Thursday, June 25

Time: 10am PT/1pm ET (additional time zones:

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P.S.: More about our hybdrid offering: Also, crunch the numbers yourself with our TCO calculator and see how much money you can save with Servoy:

We hope to see you in Thursday’s webinar.