Is Microsoft Making It Harder To Talk to Oracle Databases?

Ilyse pinged me that she saw and interesting article on a popular .Net newssite with the title above. I’m not very suprised by it, Microsoft has a long history of creating new ways of doing things (think ODBC, OLE-DB, ADO, LINQ, etc, etc) and then dropping them. Bad news is that many developers have to continously rewrite their software to Microsofts ever changing mind. With Servoy you always connect the same way to databases and it’s ready for the future! And we don’t plan to drop Oracle support any time soon!

Read all about it here

iAnywhere announces free web-version

iAnywhere today announced a free version of there new database (version 11) for web applications. For Servoy developers this means that if your iAnywhere database also has to be accessed by PHP/JSP/other web-tech you don’t have to purchase a separate license anymore. Not all details of the license terms are known yet as the news is hot off the press so watch this space as further details become available.

Read the press release here.