Servoy Webinar: The Fastest Way to Get Applications in the Cloud – Dec. 14

Your competitors and customers are going into the Cloud — are you? Don’t be left behind. A new report says nearly three quarters of your customers plan on being in the Cloud this year to deliver cost savings and scale infrastructure. This informative and hands-on webinar, hosted by Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, and Sean Devlin, Servoy Sales Tech Engineer, gives you an overview of what the Cloud is and isn’t; as well as Servoy’s role in Cloud computing.

This webinar will also include a demonstration of the world’s most advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) platform operating “in the Cloud”, and presents answers to questions like: Have you ever considered deploying your application in the Cloud?; What is Cloud computing all about?; Is Cloud computing right for your organization? What are the advantages of Cloud computing?; and How difficult is Cloud computing to deploy and maintain?

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CodeCast Episode 91: Servoy Development Suite with Sean Devlin

Code Magazine, the leading independent resource for .Net developers has posted an interview done by Ken Levy to Sean Devlin, a Senior Technical Engineer at Servoy. This discussion covers the architecture and product suite offered by Servoy to deploy solutions towards users either as a zero-deployment, native smart client, or a browser-based web client.

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Servoy Special Webinar: Drag & Drop in Servoy – March 23

Mark your calendars! This free one-hour webinar, presented by Sean Devlin, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, will include a high-level overview of the new Servoy Drag & Drop functionality. This long-awaited feature gives developers the tools needed to build Drag & Drop functionality into both native and web applications from a single code base. Servoy’s Drag & Drop is implemented as a programmable event model, giving developers fine-grained control to customize user work flows.

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