Is Microsoft Making It Harder To Talk to Oracle Databases?

Ilyse pinged me that she saw and interesting article on a popular .Net newssite with the title above. I’m not very suprised by it, Microsoft has a long history of creating new ways of doing things (think ODBC, OLE-DB, ADO, LINQ, etc, etc) and then dropping them. Bad news is that many developers have to continously rewrite their software to Microsofts ever changing mind. With Servoy you always connect the same way to databases and it’s ready for the future! And we don’t plan to drop Oracle support any time soon!

Read all about it here

Servoy Article Published in Italian Tech Newspaper

Servoy is proud to announce that the renowned Italian Tech Newspaper Corriere delle Comunicazioni has published an article on Servoy titled “Servoy, l’ecosistema dei dati”, or translated “Servoy, the ecosystem of data.” The Corriere delle Comunicazioni information and communications technology publication prints 18,000 copies every 2 weeks to subscribers, governmental offices and VIP airport lounges. Servoy continues to expand. And Italy is falling in love with Servoy! To read the full article, click here.