Servoy CEO Jan Aleman on “This Week in Cloud Computing” Tomorrow

Please join Servoy CEO, Jan Aleman, Wed., March 31 @ 3pm PST for “This Week in Cloud Computing.”

“This Week in Cloud Computing” airs LIVE every Wednesday at 3pm PST/6pm EST with Hosts Amanda Coolong and Mark Jeffrey. TWICC is an informative weekly series all about the hot new trend towards abstracting and virtualizing computing resources with a rotating panel of experts. For more information, please click here.

Update: you can now watch the recorded show.

Software Magazine: Servoy Adds Improvements for Developing ‘SaaS and Back’ Hybrid Apps

Software Magazine published a new product announcement on Servoy 5.0. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Servoy 5.0 from Servoy allows for the development of “SaaS and Back” hybrid applications, all from a single code base. The hybrid applications can be deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premises through a browser and a native client.”

Software Magazine is the leading IT software journal focused on pointing CIOs, IT managers, IT staff and surrounding professionals to the product and service options available to help them address their business challenges.

To read the article in its entirety, please go to:

Java or .Net: Got the Speed to Compete? (Part I)

Java or .Net? And which one is the most productive choice? The million dollar question …

In this webinar for software vendors we will compare and contrast both options with Servoy, with main focus on .Net. These are some of the questions we will focus on:

  • Do you need two code-bases for SaaS and On-Premises?
  • Do you need multiple code-bases for Windows/Mac/Linux deployment?
  • Are you doing code tweaks for cross-browser deployment?
  • Do you have to rewrite for different SQL databases?
  • Do your competitors have Sexier GUI’s?
  • Is productivity keeping you awake at night?

Join our free webinar to see for yourself that with Servoy your productivity will triple and so will your competitive advantage. Join us for this Special Webinar on Thursday, September 24 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Sign up here: ISV WEBINAR

Also, check out our .Net landing page with more info on why .NET Developers like Servoy.

Is Microsoft Making It Harder To Talk to Oracle Databases?

Ilyse pinged me that she saw and interesting article on a popular .Net newssite with the title above. I’m not very suprised by it, Microsoft has a long history of creating new ways of doing things (think ODBC, OLE-DB, ADO, LINQ, etc, etc) and then dropping them. Bad news is that many developers have to continously rewrite their software to Microsofts ever changing mind. With Servoy you always connect the same way to databases and it’s ready for the future! And we don’t plan to drop Oracle support any time soon!

Read all about it here

Real World .NET Comparison Results

We’ve just wrapped up our Servoy vs. .NET Real World Comparison project. I wish I could say the results were surprising, but they weren’t.

We first got the idea for this project back in April 2008. We’re always getting asked by potential customers and existing customers how Servoy compares to .NET in terms of getting a solution written and deployed (and the ease of maintenance on both).

We have heard from our customers that Servoy is between 5 and 10 times faster than .NET in terms of development speed – with only 1/3 or less lines of code. But, we didn’t have anything we could really quantify – so we decided to create a project from scratch and do our own test.

We wrote a specification for a bug tracking system – code named Bugger (sorry in advance to our UK friends for the rude reference!). By creating a functional specification with UI guidelines – we set out to see what would happen if two sets of teams wrote a solution in their tool of choice: one team in Servoy and one team in .NET.

You can get the whole scoop – and download the actual solutions and source code for both projects by heading on over to

Who’s Afraid of the Big .Net?

Famous IT-journalist Robert X. Cringely blogs about Servoy

The ability to create (and maintain) a single code base for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix desktops, as well as a variety of browsers, could save software geeks oodles of time and money. Servoy claims its customers can develop Web apps many times faster than by using Microsoft’s .Net, and for a fraction of the cost.