From the Servoy Labs: SaaS Frameworks Launch – July 15

Please join Sean Devlin, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, who will discuss in this informative, one-hour webinar what is new in the world of Servoy Frameworks. Servoy has been developing a second generation suite of frameworks to enhance developer productivity and help to build more robust applications.

At the forefront of Servoy’s next generation of frameworks is security and multi-tenancy. Every application requires different levels of security and the ability to control users, groups, passwords, privileges etc. And most ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) will require a multi-tenant application when they adopt a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. For these reasons, Servoy has been developing a Security Framework that relies on best practices to deliver functionality common to most applications and helps developers to get it right the FIRST time.

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Servoy Special Webinar: SaaS & Multi-Tenancy – Sept. 17

In the “SaaS & Multi-Tenancy” Special Webinar, Sean Devlin, Servoy USA Senior Software Engineer, will discuss how to implement multi-tenancy with Servoy. Multi-tenancy is the most advanced form of deploying an application in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to customers. With a multi-tenancy model, you can store the data for multiple customers in a single database — and Servoy can ensure that each customer sees only their data. Attend this FREE Servoy Special Webinar to learn how to implement multi-tenancy in your Servoy applications.

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