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How to win the software licensing game

Computerworld features an interview with Jan Aleman, CEO Servoy in today’s online edition on software licensing. A select quote: “One way to avoid the shelfware problem is to opt for software as a service,” says Jan Aleman, CEO of IDE vendor Servoy.

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Digital Strata Uses Servoy to Develop and Deploy Entity Management Application

New Servoy Success Story posted – Digital Strata, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Digital Strata is a software and services company that specializes in developing products that ease the burden and complexity of intricate legal processes. Legal teams, law firms, businesses, and third-party legal service providers use Digital Strata applications to help them manage these processes efficiently and accurately.

“The FileMaker development platform posed high cost of entry issues since the solution needed to be on-site. Using Servoy, we overcame the challenges of difficult web implementation, hard to deploy upgrades and updates, as well as a non standards-based solution platform.”
— Dan Fischler, CEO Digital Strata, Inc.

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Ken Levy on Visual FoxPro and Servoy – Dec. 15 @ 11am PT/2pm ET

Update, the recorded webinar can be found here.

Please join Ken Levy, former Visual FoxPro Product Manager, and Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, in this comprehensive one-hour webinar for a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications.

The two hosts will also talk about the Web, SaaS (Software as a Service) and how to bring Visual FoxPro applications to the web with Servoy; as well as answer your questions in a live Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

Check out the Servoy FoxPro Landing Page here.

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Servoy Makes Social Media Updates Easy

In looking around at all the social media sites that are available today – a thought hit me: “How in the world would you update all that stuff?” Apparently, it occurred to someone else as well because I found a tool that makes updating multiple social media sites a lot easier:

This nifty site (still in beta – but just request a log in and in a couple of days they will give you one) – is basically an aggregation service that will allow you to input all your log ins for all the social media sites you’re a member of – and then blast your update to them in near real time.

It will also let you post to any single service by adding “@” and then a two letter abbreviation – e.g. Twitter = @tt. Not only will it allow you to do status updates and micro-blogging – but it will allow you to do full blog posts as well. To post a blog entry to blogger – you would use something like this: @bl This is Cool!^Body of my blog. would then post a new posting to your blogger account with title^posting.

I also ran across some very interesting other stuff when looking at the APIs of LinkedIn (still not public yet) and Twitter, as well as Pownce, Plurk, Rejaw and Tumblr.

For LinkedIn there is a webservice widget called “Company Insider” that you can call that will see if there is anyone you know in any company. It’s VERY easy to insert into any HTML page.

If you’re into Twitter – there is some great documentation on their RESTful API here. Basically, a RESTful API means you can call it with simple URLs. For example – enter this text into a browser (Firefox or IE work best): You will be prompted to enter your username/password (use your Twitter login and password) – and you’ll get back an XML string of the last 2 people that posted to you.

You can also get it back in atom, rss, or json formats as well – simply by changing the “xml” in the url to one of the supported formats.

It’s basically the same thing for Tumblr, Rejaw, Pownce, Plurk, etc. They all offer a RESTful API that you can get XML or JSON files out of. This means that you can add all of this social media to whatever site you have. In fact, if you develop applications – it’s conceivable to create a really cool social networking mashup/dashboard type of application.

You could, also create a Smart Client application that would allow all the updates – or include cool widgets like the LinkedIn Company Insider functionality next to a client listing in your Web Client applications. The possibilities are really endless – and Servoy makes it easy to integrate all of these type of content.

Servoy developers here a challenge: create an application (Web Client or Smart Client) that will interact with one or more sites. We’ll post it up for others to use as inspiration. You can contact me directly at bcusick AT servoy DOT com (put “Servoy Social Media” somewhere in the subject so it doesn’t get into my spam folder).