Servoy to Exhibit at Cloud Computing Expo West – Santa Clara, CA; Nov. 7-10

For the second year in a row, Servoy will be exhibiting at the Cloud Computing Expo West — the largest, most important tech cloud event in the world — in Santa Clara, CA.
“Cloud” has become synonymous with “computing” and “software” in two short years. Cloud Expo is the new PC Expo, Comdex, and InternetWorld of our decade. By 2012, more than 50,000 delegates per year will participate in Cloud Expo worldwide. Come see why Servoy is the Next Generation Platform.

Visit the Cloud Computing Expo event website to find out more.

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Servoy to Sponsor Southwest Fox Conference – Gilbert, AZ; Oct. 26-29

For the fifth year in a row, Servoy will be a Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor at Southwest Fox — the annual conference hosted for FoxPro users. Developers who have used FoxPro in the past are finding that they love Servoy. Microsoft has announced they will no longer be revving this popular 4GL tool; and will stop support for the product entirely in 2015. As a result, many FoxPro users are looking for the “next step”. Servoy Next Generation Platform is a great alternative.

Be sure to stop by the Servoy booth and attend Ken Levy’s special demo-centric vendor session.

Find out more information about the Southwest Fox Conference.

Check out the Servoy FoxPro Landing Page.

10 Reasons To Do Software Development in the Cloud – Half-Day Workshop; Sept. 28, Amsterdam

Don’t miss this half-day seminar and find out what the top 10 Reasons to do Software Development in the Cloud are.

This session, hosted by IBM, Servoy’s partner STB and Servoy, will explain more about how software development, testing and deployment in the cloud could reduce costs and bring new market opportunities. Attending this session will help you to identify if you are ready for the cloud, how and where to start.

Check out the complete agenda and register.

Runtime Form Creation Using the Servoy Solution Model – Sept. 22

Don’t miss this technical webinar presented by Sanneke Aleman, Servoy Implementation Engineer, on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 11am PT/2pm ET.

The Servoy Solution Model feature set is an extremely powerful tool-set. With this model, you can create virtually any Servoy object at run-time. Many Servoy developers see the power but are afraid to utilize this feature in their solutions.

In this webinar we will explain the fundamentals and show you some simple and advanced samples, such as:
– Creating a runtime form based on dynamic content from a database
– Creating a dynamic hierarchical menu
– Runtime creation of a foundset bound to an existing form (runtime query, dataset, datasource and foundset creation)
– Case study: Planner Module based on the Solution Model

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2-Day “Jumpstart Your Servoy Development” – Sept. 19-20, Germany & Oct. 11-12, Switzerland

Jumpstart your Servoy development by attending this 2-day ‘Servoy Getting Started Course’. There are two locations you can choose from (Erfurt, Germany and St. Gallen, Switzerland). Both events will be in German.

Here are the topics that will be covered:
– Servoy and its architecture and concepts
– What is Eclipse, how to use it and how to extend it with extra features
– Working with Servoy and databases
– How data-binding works, how to handle related data and how to make your life easier with automatic calculations and aggregations
– How to design forms and how to customize its properties
– What is JavaScript and how to use the basics
– All different levels of Servoy functions, beans and plugins
– How to write methods to control navigation and business logic and all levels on which they can be used
– How security works and in which different ways it can be implemented
– How to deploy Servoy solutions

To make this course even more “hands-on”, you will start your own solution from scratch and build it up step-by-step under the trainer’s guidance. At the end of the training, you will have your own working solution which can be used as a great reference for future projects.

Contact Geert Houben with questions on price and availability.

2-Day “Servoy Getting Started Course”: Servoy HQ, Amersfoort, NL – Sept.19-20 & Oct. 3-4

New to Servoy? Get a jump-start today. In this 2-day course you will learn all the basics to be able to make an independent start with Servoy.

The Getting Started course will cover topics like:

– Creating Your Database
– Working with Forms
– How to use Eclipse
– Basic JavaScript
– Writing Methods for Navigation and Business Logic
– Basic Application Deployment
– Building a sample solutionv

Contact sales for availability and pricing.

“Experience the Power of Servoy” Free Workshop for VFP Developers, UK – Sept. 16

There have been many successful editions and varieties of this one-day workshop across the globe. And now, Servoy is bringing this workshop to you in the UK (London), — in its best ever form, including a comprehensive demo of the Servoy platform by the special guest presenter Juergen “wOOdy” Wondzinsky who will be flying in from Munich, Germany.

Who should attend?
– CIO’s, IT managers and software developers who are responsible for current, in-house VFP applications
– Business and technology Leaders from ISVs who are running a business on a VFP-based software package
– Business leaders and consultants from IT Service providers who are involved in application modernization
– Independent developers who have mastered VFP to build software on behalf of ISV and Enterprise end-user clients.

Why you should attend?
Servoy offers you a unique opportunity to explore a future scenario for your applications and, more importantly, for your business and your users. On the day, you will become familiar with Servoy’s Next Generation, Cloud-Enabled Application Platform, now referred to as “the logical evolution of Visual FoxPro” . And you will learn how Servoy can help you seize new opportunities and prepare yourself and your business or employer for the next decade.

Juergen “wOOdy” Wondzinski (FoxPro MVP ’96-2009) and Servoy will host this comprehensive one-day workshop — including discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications; sharing knowledge on both technical and business scenarios offered to VFP developers evaluating Servoy; and a demonstration that covers a wide variety of technical areas in building applications with Servoy, from data-centric development to using VFP COM-based DLLs within Servoy.

To register or for more information and assistance, please contact Peter Hebly, Head of Servoy UK & Ireland: +44 75 2827 3299 or [email protected]