Servoy Webinar: The Fastest Way to Get Applications in the Cloud – Dec. 14

Your competitors and customers are going into the Cloud — are you? Don’t be left behind. A new report says nearly three quarters of your customers plan on being in the Cloud this year to deliver cost savings and scale infrastructure. This informative and hands-on webinar, hosted by Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, and Sean Devlin, Servoy Sales Tech Engineer, gives you an overview of what the Cloud is and isn’t; as well as Servoy’s role in Cloud computing.

This webinar will also include a demonstration of the world’s most advanced SaaS (Software as a Service) platform operating “in the Cloud”, and presents answers to questions like: Have you ever considered deploying your application in the Cloud?; What is Cloud computing all about?; Is Cloud computing right for your organization? What are the advantages of Cloud computing?; and How difficult is Cloud computing to deploy and maintain?

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Servoy to Speak at SaaS4Channel Event – The Netherlands, Nov. 24

Servoy has been invited to speak at the SaaS4Channel Event. SaaS4Channel, a social network and event, will take place on November 24th at the Aviodrome, Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands.

SaaS4Channel offers an interactive program whose content comes from market experts; and is enhanced with the opinions of analysts, vendors, and partners. This SaaS event will finish with a talk show where the speakers will be challenged with questions from spectators.

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What’s Your Future After Visual FoxPro? Webinar in German – Nov. 18

Join us for this special Webinar — presented in German by Jürgen Wondzinski (aka wOOdy). wOOdy has been a long time programmer and developer — developing FoxPro applications since 1991; has been one of the foremost speakers at German FoxPro conferences since 1994; and has received the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award consecutively for a number of years.

Servoy is providing this Webinar to give those FoxPro developers who weren’t able to attend the successful Servoy Roadshow for FoxPro developers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with more than 125 attendees, the opportunity to get an insider’s view by long-standing FoxPro Guru wOOdy. He will answer the question “What’s your future after Visual FoxPro?” – so don’t miss this event!

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Free Ken Levy Seminar: Amersfoort, The Netherlands – Nov. 16

Join Ken Levy — former Product Manager of VFP at Microsoft — at this one-day technical seminar targeted to management as well as the developers of ISVs and corporations.

The purpose of the seminar is to provide a picture of the road VFP has chosen; the decisions an average VFP user has to make in the current technological age; and how the advantages of future ICT developments are to be secured (also in combination with VFP).

The number of seats is limited. Register now for this free seminar by sending an email to [email protected].

ServoyWorld 2011 – Join us in Amsterdam!

Don’t delay any longer. Sign up TODAY for your ServoyWorld 2011 Conference Pass (only $699 USD)! ServoyWorld 2011, the 6th annual, international Servoy Conference, promises to be bigger and better than ever. With your Conference Pass, you will get to hear the ServoyWorld Keynote by Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, and attend ALL the ServoyWorld Conference presentations — including the always exciting Servoy Engineering Team panel question and answer session.

The Pre- and Post- Conference sessions have been finalized. The sessions are only $299 USD each. Come learn from the best and the brightest Servoyans as they gather from around the globe in one of the world’s most fun cities and the capital of Servoy’s birth country — and enjoy the fun, winter, and the best that Servoy has to offer.

Read more about the Pre- and Post- Conference sessions topics.

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Servoy to Speak and Sponsor 17th Microsoft VFP Developer Conference, Germany – Nov. 11-13

Two of world’s most famous FoxPro Gurus, Ken Levy and Jürgen Wondzinski (aka wOOdy), will present their view on Servoy as a logical successor of FoxPro. They will demonstrate all of the commonalities between FoxPro and Servoy; and why Servoy provides a fast, short learning curve for FoxPro developers.

They will show dozens of standard Servoy features — which help to accelerate the process of building applications for developers — included in the platform and database-independent Servoy Software development, deployment and integration platform.

Find out more information and register for the Visual FoxPro Developer Conference.

Installing Servoy on Linux in 10 seconds

Developers don’t like to read docs, howto’s and manuals so in this new series I’ll give you some turbo howto’s on servoy topics. A popular one nowadays is running Servoy App Server on Linux. You can install that with one line:

java -jar servoy_installer.jar -console

Follow the instructions (it will prompt you for directory and to continue) and you are all set.

To start Servoy Server now cd into the application_server directory and type:

./ &

To fire up PostgreSQL as you start your application server edit the file and move this part to a newline:

postgres_db/bin/pg_ctl start -D database -l postgres_db/postgres_log.txt

If you don’t know how to edit command line try this:


now type: /: ENTER
type: a ENTER
type: ESC
type: :wq ENTER

that’s it.


– any recent linux
– don’t install as root! easiest is to create a servoy user, then install and run
– download servoy_install.jar from
– make sure to have a fairly recent Oracle/Sun Java on your linux