Servoy in Processor Magazine Cloud Computing Article

Servoy CEO, Jan Aleman, was quoted in Processor Magazine in a Cloud Computing article titled “Happenings In The Cloud: A Look At Technologies & Trends That Are Developing In The Cloud Computing Market.”

Here’s a snippet of the article:

“However, cloud computing does not mean users are limited to working 100% in the cloud. An emerging trend is the use of ‘SaaS and Back’ hybrid applications that can be deployed as SaaS or on-premises through a browser and a native client, says Jan Aleman, CEO at Servoy. This new hybrid platform, adds Aleman, gives users the option of running their applications hosted online — on dedicated servers, virtual servers, or any form of cloud computing — or on-premises.”

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Servoy to Speak at LinuxCon in São Paulo, Brazil

Servoy has been invited to present at the industry’s premiere Linux conference, on August 31-September 1 in São Paulo, Brazil. LinuxCon is the premiere Linux conference in both North America and Asia, and is now being extended into South America.

Find out more about the conference details.

Read Servoy’s presentation on “Hybrid Cloud – The Green Future”.

Servoy Database Conversion Service by PostgreSQL Experts Inc

Servoy 5.2 now ships with PostgreSQL instead of Sybase ASA as the built-in database. Because of this change in default database engines, and to take advantage of the increased scalability, portability and features of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL Experts Inc. is pleased to offer Servoy users a database conversion service from Sybase ASA to PostgreSQL 8.4 — all you need to do is upload your existing Sybase database file(s).

Find out more information about converting to PostgreSQL.

Servoy New Website Design and Content

It is a time of progress at Servoy. After rolling out the new Servoy 5.2 release, it was time to upgrade the design of the Servoy website.

The Servoy homepage has been redesigned to help people new to Servoy easily find their way through the Servoy eco-space — using direct links to the most interesting bits of information; a good overview of what Servoy is; the main features of Servoy, and much more.

Visit the new Servoy website.

Early Bird In-person Training – Thousand Oaks, CA Sept 22-24

Take advantage of the opportunity to get Servoy In-Person Training from the people who do it every day. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 22-24, Servoy USA will be hosting a series of training sessions in Thousand Oaks, California.

**Order on or before August 31 and you can take advantage of the Servoy Early Bird $1,699 (USD) for all three days; or $1,299 (USD) for two days. For additional class information and pricing, please contact Carla Benassi at [email protected].**

To sign-up is easy:

Servoy University: The New Online Portal for Official Training Videos and Certification

Servoy University is a new third-party online portal providing Servoy training videos and certification. The University has gathered all the existing videos and put them nicely together in one spot — versioned and tagged for your convenience. More importantly, the portal also hosts a range of new, up-to-date videos on Servoy 5.2. As of today, you can sign up for access to the Servoy University premium videos which will be available at a yearly subscription fee. The first premium series available is the Servoy Developer Certification series, which contains over 40 videos totalling 10 hours of Servoy 5.2 training material! By August 9th, the Developer Certification series will be completely finished.

In September, Servoy University will launch the Servoy Certification program. This will allow you, your team, and your employees to receive official Servoy Certification. More information about certification will be available soon. The team behind Servoy University is devoted to continuously bring you more videos and series, on new topics or Servoy versions. Servoy University is built on the Servoy Platform and led by Scott Butler and Bob Cusick.

Get more information about Servoy University.