Servoy Success Story: Keeneight

This month’s newsletter features another Servoy Success Story: Keeneight Srl. Keeneight specializes in the creation of software engineering that supports the entire life-cycle of the product, from concept design to after-sales assistance for the automotive, aerospace, and appliance markets (the software can also be easily adapted to other manufacturing companies as well).

“Servoy immediately proved to us to be the perfect development and deployment tool because it met our three basic requirements of integration, flexibility and durability. The result of switching to the Servoy development and deployment platform is modular software that is able to integrate and expose data, with all the features needed to manage a product structure during its life cycle. Thanks to the great graphical interface framework of Servoy, we can leverage the user experience with a high level of collaboration features and an easy customization, to always offer what is really needed.

Read the full Keeneight Success Story.

Servoy in the Amazon Cloud: New AMI for Servoy 5.1

We have updated the Servoy AMI on the Amazon Elastic Cloud to Servoy 5.1. With Amazon’s Elastic Cloud you can instantly host Servoy applications at a low cost. All you need to do is log-in and fire up a Servoy app server. With one click, Servoy apps can then be put into production. It’s really that easy!

To launch an instance of the AMI:

  • log into your AWS Console and select AMIs.
  • Search in public AMIs for AMI ID = ami-2fc82146
  • Right-click the image and launch it.

Servoy 5.2 Named eWEEK “Product to Watch”

eWEEK, the industry leader for strategic technology information, recently selected Servoy 5.2 Open Source as a “Product to Watch” in the June issue of its award-winning print magazine.

Each month, the editors of eWEEK recognize enterprise-class products that they think should be on the radar of every IT professional. The products are selected on the basis of their potential for creating efficiency as well as competitive advantage in a market where companies need to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

This is the second time Servoy has been recognized for this honor. To read the full press release, click here.

SD TIMES: Servoy’s Web Platform Goes Open Source

European Web platform company, Servoy, announced that it will release its core libraries under the Affero General Public License (AGPL). Those libraries provide Java functions in a JavaScript-accessible Web layer.

Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy, said his company’s Web platform mixes the best of both worlds. “We’ve found a good mix of not being too runtime-oriented and not being too build-oriented. We don’t generate Java code. Servoy uses a library of native Java code that has already been built maps against those classes,” he said.

Click here to read the full SD Times article.

Servoy Keynote at SaaS University Conference Washington D.C., July 20-22 – Free Tickets and Softletter SaaS Report

  • Are you looking to transition to SaaS (Software as a Service)?
  • Would you like to network with leading executives in this industry?
  • Would you like to manage your current SaaS organization better?
  • Are you interested in learning the latest about SaaS?

If so, you should be attending the groundbreaking SaaS University Conference, July 20-22 in Washington, DC. The SaaS University Conference is recognized as the most comprehensive program in the industry and as a knowledge-base on successfully launching and running a Software as a Service firm and/or transitioning to Software as a Service from a licensed model. The conference also provides a much sought after opportunity for executives in this industry to network and share ideas and experiences.

As a Silver Sponsor, Servoy is giving away 2 free tickets to this event (a $2,400 USD value) and 10 free copies of the latest Softletter SaaS report — 500 pages of the most valuable SaaS information (a $450 USD value)!

To participate in this raffle, simply send an email to [email protected].

SaaS University has developed an industry-wide reputation of providing the most comprehensive program on launching and growing a successful SaaS company. Executives should attend SaaS University Conference to understand how to manage their SaaS firm or division during the recession; hear best practices on conserving cash; and garner knowledge that will help them to determine whether launching a new SaaS System in their particular situation will help to enable them to succeed in this vastly growing and competitive market.

Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, will also be delivering a keynote speech on “Europe, SaaS, and the Cloud.” Do not miss this opportunity!

Check out the complete conference agenda here.

Servoy Simplifies SaaS with Open Source Servoy 5.2 and PostgreSQL

Servoy announced the first open source version of its award-winning SaaS application development platform, Servoy 5.2, using PostgreSQL. This change to an open source version, means that Servoy users have enormous flexibility in deployment to cloud hosting or desktop systems; as well as enables open source developers looking for RAD tools, rapid prototyping and data application development to utilize a mature, easy-to-use environment.

“We chose PostgresSQL because it is the most powerful open source database,” said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. “Users can also run other databases at the same time. We support Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2, MySQL and others out of the box.” PostgreSQL has won praise from its users and industry recognition, including the Linux New Media Award for Best Database System and five-time winner of the Linux Journal Editors’ Choice Award for best DBMS.

Don’t forget to Register now for this webinar.

Click here to read the full Press Release.

Special Webinar with Ken Levy: Servoy for Visual FoxPro Developers – June 15th

Please join Ken Levy, former Visual FoxPro Product Manager, and Sean Devlin, Servoy Senior Technical Engineer, in this comprehensive one-hour webinar for a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications and Servoy for FoxPro developers.

This webinar will be demo-centric — focusing on how features common to Visual FoxPro applications are developed in Servoy; cool Servoy features not supported in Visual FoxPro; how Servoy works with DBF tables in existing FoxPro applications; and the benefits to FoxPro developers in adding Servoy expertise to their toolkit. A live interactive Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation.

Check out the Servoy FoxPro Landing Page.

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Special Webinar: Open Source Servoy & PostgreSQL – June 10

In this webinar, Servoy will be joined by one of the foremost PostgreSQL consulting firms in the world: PostgreSQL Experts, Inc. Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Experts, Inc CEO, will be presenting along with Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO. Josh has been a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team since 2003 and has been working as a database consultant since 1998.

Here are the key points that will be discussed:

  • Why Servoy chose PostgreSQL in the open source version
  • Why PostgreSQL is the best open source database
  • Servoy and PostgreSQL
  • Pgadmin overview
  • Migrating your data
  • Q&A

Register now for this webinar.

June Newsletter Available

The June newsletter has been sent.

The list of topics for this month includes:

Servoy 5.2 Beta Available
Servoy Simplifies SaaS with Open Source Servoy 5.2 and PostgreSQL
Special Webinar: Open Source Servoy & PostgreSQL – June 10
SD TIMES: Servoy’s Web Platform Goes Open Source
Servoy in the Amazon Cloud: New AMI for Servoy 5.1
Do You Know About Servoy? – On DZone JavaLobby
Special Webinar: Servoy Open Source In Detail – June 7
Special Webinar: Ken Levy on Visual FoxPro and Servoy – June 15
Servoy Keynote at SaaS University Conference Washington D.C., July 20-22 – Free Tickets and Softletter SaaS Report
Servoy Success Story: Keeneight

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