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You can centrally access all documentation — online — for supported versions of Servoy through the Servoy Wiki. Used together with the Servoy Forum, the Servoy Wiki is another “hot tool” that is well-liked and invaluable according to many members of the Servoy community.

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Special Webinar: Servoy Open Source in Detail – June 7 at 11am PT/2pm ET

We are pleased to announce that in Servoy 5.2, the source code of Servoy Developer, the Servoy Smart Client and Servoy Web Client will become open source.

The open sourcing of Servoy benefits the Servoy community in the following ways:

  • More extensive options for developers to take control
  • Community driven improvements
  • Hotfixes can be executed and applied immediately
  • Innovative ideas can be shared/tested around the product
  • Vast expansion of the Servoy eco-space
  • Increased developer interest

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the new release of Servoy 5.2 – inside and out!

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SaaS in 200 Hours – May 27 at 11am PT/2pm ET

Two months ago, a team from Servoy met with Chris Anderson, CEO of Bizmanualz. Chris needed a fast, robust SaaS application for his customers, allowing them to manage and purchase legal documents.

In this Servoy Special Webinar, Chris and the Servoy team will talk about how they developed the SaaS application; which Servoy frameworks (security, navigation, provisioning, monetization, etc.) were used; and how — using an Agile approach — the application was built within 200 man-hours. Don’t believe it? Sign-up for the webinar and hear for yourself!

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Servoy Simplifies SaaS with Open Source Servoy 5.2

Servoy today announced the open source version of its award-winning hybrid SaaS platform, Servoy 5.2 – the platform that simplifies SaaS. Servoy 5.2 combines the best of both worlds, allowing “SaaS and Back” hybrid applications — which can be deployed using cloud computing and on-premises through both a browser and a native client – all from a single code base. Servoy is the only hybrid development platform for the “Open Source” era.

“With this open source release of the Servoy Developer and Servoy Client libraries, Servoy hopes to spark contributions from talented developers worldwide and reaffirms its longstanding commitment to the open source community,” said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. “We strongly believe the future of software is open – and not only open as in open standards – but also open, as in open source.

To read the press release, click here.

Jan Aleman Quoted in SD TIMES Article

Jan Aleman discusses escrow in a recent SD TIMES article.

An excerpt:

But when a successful SaaS provider is acquired by a larger company, the results can also cause software or services to vanish.

Jan Aleman, CEO of SaaS provider Servoy, said that “if you have 100 customers paying US$5 a month for the product, then you’re in a different situation. Whoever is cleaning up the leftovers may say, ‘This revenue stream is so low, we’ll let it collapse and be done with it.’”