Freight Logistics Success Story

Freight Logistics, Inc. is the most reliable, accountable and technologically advanced provider of logistics and supply-chain management services for Latin America’s high-technology distributors, integrators and resellers. To read the new Freight Logistics Servoy Success Story, click one of the items below.

Java or .Net: Got the Speed to Compete? (Part I)

Java or .Net? And which one is the most productive choice? The million dollar question …

In this webinar for software vendors we will compare and contrast both options with Servoy, with main focus on .Net. These are some of the questions we will focus on:

  • Do you need two code-bases for SaaS and On-Premises?
  • Do you need multiple code-bases for Windows/Mac/Linux deployment?
  • Are you doing code tweaks for cross-browser deployment?
  • Do you have to rewrite for different SQL databases?
  • Do your competitors have Sexier GUI’s?
  • Is productivity keeping you awake at night?

Join our free webinar to see for yourself that with Servoy your productivity will triple and so will your competitive advantage. Join us for this Special Webinar on Thursday, September 24 at 10am PT/1pm ET.

Sign up here: ISV WEBINAR

Also, check out our .Net landing page with more info on why .NET Developers like Servoy.

Servoy VUG (Virtual Users Group) – Sept 23

To learn the tips and techniques that can save you time and effort on your Servoy projects, join dozens of other Servoy developers — newbies as well as the “old pros” — as they gather together “virtually” for the next Servoy VUG (Virtual Users Group) on September 23.

The Servoy VUG, always one of the most popular Servoy online events, will be sponsored and hosted by The Support Group — a longtime Servoy Partner and a leader in the fields of database design, development and training for both Windows and Macintosh environments. Thanks to the generous sponsor of this event, the Servoy VUG is FREE. Those who are pre-registered will receive a reminder email prior to the Servoy VUG event. For updates on the Servoy VUG agenda; as well as who will be presenting their ideas, tips, and tricks, please visit the Servoy Forum User Groups section.

To register today for the upcoming VUG, click here.

Servoy Special Webinar: SaaS & Multi-Tenancy – Sept. 17

In the “SaaS & Multi-Tenancy” Special Webinar, Sean Devlin, Servoy USA Senior Software Engineer, will discuss how to implement multi-tenancy with Servoy. Multi-tenancy is the most advanced form of deploying an application in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to customers. With a multi-tenancy model, you can store the data for multiple customers in a single database — and Servoy can ensure that each customer sees only their data. Attend this FREE Servoy Special Webinar to learn how to implement multi-tenancy in your Servoy applications.

To register for the “SaaS & Multi-Tenancy” Servoy Special Webinar, click here.

Servoy Assigns Distributor for Chile and Uruguay

Servoy is pleased to announced an agreement with ProRM as the exclusive distributor for the Servoy Suite of products; as well as the Servoy ISV Assurance Program — in both Chile and Uruguay.

ProRM, a highly experienced distributor with offices in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, has more than ten years experience in selling and supporting Cobol development and deployment platforms. Juan Manuel Urraburu, ProRM CEO, states: “We are very committed to Cobol and the support to our customers. At the same time, we want to provide existing as well as new customers a smooth path to enter new market segments such as SaaS. Servoy is unique in its kind in what it offers regarding SaaS development and deployment right out of the box”.

Servoy Opens New Offices to Meet Worldwide Demand Despite Global Economic Crisis

Aug 17, 2009 – Thousand Oaks, CA  – Servoy, an award-winning platform provider for fast, flexible, and sexy SaaS hybrid solutions, today announced it has opened offices in Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil to meet overwhelming demand for its leading SaaS (Software as a Service) hybrid platform – Servoy. Servoy’s platform allows development of green IT hybrid applications — which can be deployed as SaaS and on-premises through both a browser and a native client — from a single code base.

“This is a major accomplishment for any company — especially in a challenging global economy,” said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. “These new dedicated offices will not only support Servoy’s rapidly growing sales and customer base — we want to make it easier for businesses to succeed in rapidly changing markets as SaaS integration becomes a requirement.  We anticipate an upward trend in the number of projects and new opportunities through our local presence worldwide.”

According to international research firm IDC, SaaS is booming, and IDC’s ‘hot-off-the-press’ forecast shows that SaaS offerings are one of the few hot spots in the world of business IT. Servoy’s rapid proliferation of the global software market reflects its success in providing flexible hybrid solutions specifically tailored for decision makers — solutions that, according to Aleman, are built on technology designed to handle the complexity and turbulence of modern business.

“ISVs particularly have a hunger to deliver a superior solution to their customers seeking hybrid deployment options,” Aleman continued, “At the same time, ISVs don’t want to lock their customers into a SaaS-only mode, but want to offer what we call “SaaS and back” – the option to run on-premises at any moment. Servoy supports these kind of hybrid setups out of the box.”

The new offices will provide enhanced consulting and training capabilities as well as technical support during local business hours and in local languages. The new offices may be contacted at [email protected] with specific location details found at

In addition, Servoy has also recently released a free calculator to estimate redevelopment cost and total cost of ownership at Using the Servoy TCO Calculator, ISVs now can quickly estimate the potential savings of implementing Servoy.

“IT decision makers face continually escalating development and administrative costs,” said Aleman. “The new Servoy TCO Calculator allows customers to make strategic IT decisions even faster and enables them to visualize the potential benefits of Servoy. Through our ISV Assurance Program, (, Servoy partners with ISVs in modernizing their applications  – on time, on spec and on budget – guaranteed.”

ServoyWorld on Tour 2009

In previous years, you came from everywhere to attend ServoyWorld. This year, due to the decreased travel and expense budgets many of you are experiencing, ServoyWorld is coming to you — FREE!

Servoy is pleased to announce a free one-day ServoyWorld event — to be held in cities all over the world. Attendees will get an extensive overview of the upcoming Servoy 5.0 release; as well as an update of what else is happening in the world of Servoy.

Here is the ServoyWorld on Tour 2009 schedule:

  • September 29: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • September 30: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • October 1: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • October 2: Santiago, Chile
  • October 5: New York, USA
  • October 9: Los Angeles, USA
  • October 13: Yangon, Myanmar
  • October 28: Madrid, Spain
  • October 29: Barcelona, Spain
  • November 12: Den Ham, The Netherlands
    (combined with ServoyCamp)

To register for ServoyWorld on Tour 2009, click here.

Servoy training: October 7th and 8th, Thousand Oaks CA

Take advantage of the opportunity to get Servoy In-Person Training from the people who do it every day. On Wednesday and Thursday, October 7th and 8th, Servoy USA will be hosting a series of mini-trainings in Thousand Oaks, California — 10 different sessions that you can choose to sign up for. Each Servoy Training class costs $499 USD.

Until August 31, Servoy is offering an Early Bird Special: Sign up to attend any 5 sessions for only $1699 USD (a savings of 796.00!).

To sign-up:

  • Choose the classes you wish to attend here.
    Be sure to note that some sessions will be run concurrently.
  • Register for the number of classes you will be attending here.
  • Send an email to Carla Benassi at [email protected] with a list of your classes.